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Here you can find a collection of panoramas from Sundsvall and neighbouring areas.


I have been interested in landscape photography since my childhood. After seeing the extraordinary panoramas at Big Ben's Victoria and the beautiful fullscreen panoramas at Hans Nyberg's Virtual Denmark, I decided to give panorama photography a try. However, there are so many things in Sundsvall town that really deserves a virtual tour, so that's what I've been focusing on for the moment.

Please note:This is by no means aimed to become a tourist guide. Just a personal view of some sites around town. If you want to know more about Sundsvall, please check the links section.


To view the fullscreen panoramas you will need Apple Quicktime. When the panorama appears, click and drag in the panorama to look around. Use Shift and Ctrl-buttons on your keyboard to zoom in and out of the panorama. The panoramas are quite big, typically 3 Mbyte each, so please be patient and wait for the high quality panorama to appear.